Sex Positions,

My Top 5 Sex Positions (At the moment)

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Everyone will at some point in their week have the burning desire to bend someone over or getting the ride of their life from a petite, big assed babe. But have you ever thought about which were your favourite positions? I will go through some of my favourites which hopefully give you some alternatives to the usual slobby missionary that you currently get or give. (Just kidding (not))

Here are my top positions: (at the moment, this may change depending on who or what gets the meat stick)

The “Butt Churner”

This one is great but be warned, your neck might get a little crampy. She will love it on the other hand as it lets you get nice and deep. Be gentle as you could break her spine or pierce her belly! One great thing about this one is that you can even read today’s papers!

butt churner

The “Pretzel”

First off no I’m not talking about the snack. You basically kneel over her while she wraps a leg around you and another under your butt. Another gooden for getting deeper in to them sugar walls. Also her leg will ache like crazy after a few minutes so maybe save it for last.

The “Spider”

It is technically known as the spider, but I’d also call it the crab as it looks like the crab walk a bit. This one is not for beginners as you need a lot of upper body strength! Also I have no idea what that polar bear is doing either, threesome?

The “Standing Wheel Barrow”

This name makes a lot more sense. This one is like doggy but her feet aren’t on the floor. This position also requires some decent upper body strength and is perfect for the more petite woman. She may also get blood-rush so don’t stay in this one too long!

The “Waterfall”

Ok now you will be the one getting headrush with this next one. Basically she goes on top and you lie down but kind of hang off the bed. Your back might hurt a bit but its great as you get to look up at those fun bags while she rides the crap out of you. I wouldn’t recommend smoking while doing this though, you might drop ash in your eyes!


And that’s about it. Those are my top 5 sex positions. What are your wierd and wonderful positions? Send us what you are doing on your ugly girlfriend so we can laugh! Just kidding.
As mentioned above, this list may change so keep checking back to see what they are haha…


Things to know about Condoms

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Condoms play an essential role in preventing unwanted pregnancies; protecting people from sexually transmitted diseases and safeguarding them from especially deadly diseases like AIDS. It is advised that couples always use condoms while engaging in sexual relationships before the relationship is monogamous. Condoms are required to be used carefully and you need to understand how to use a condom in order to use it effectively because condoms act as a barrier for your semen. There are basically two types of condoms for male condom and female condom. The male condom is placed on the erect penis and then rolled down. There is a small space at the very top so that the semen after ejaculation can collect there. The female condom is inserted into the female vagina such that the close ring goes under and the other ring forms the open end.

Tips on how to use condoms

  • Go for water based lubricants or latex condoms
  • Check that the condoms aren’t expired
  • Avoid storing them in the warmth rather than storing in cool and dry places.
  • If you want to open it, then avoid using any sharp device such as knife, blade and scissors as it might damage condoms. Moreover, avoid opening it with your own mouth. Simply tear it off with your hands softly.
  • Do not use any other lubricant like oil or cream with it.
  • Dispose it properly after it is used
  • Girls can wear the condoms from different positions by simply lying down on bed or just in sitting position according to their convenient.
  • Men have to remove the condoms slowly following the ejaculation to prevent any slip.
  • While females need to remove condoms more accurately so that sperm may dropped inside the vagina during removing the condoms

Benefits of using Condoms

There are numerous advantages of using a recommended advantages are mentioned below.

  • You can get free condoms from your local health centre or online
  • Protect the spread of Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as AIDS etc.
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Women do not have to take contraceptive pills.
  • they’re easily available without a prescription is required for their usage.

To condlude..

A person should take each of the preventive measure to avoid anything like that happening to you. It may happen that a condom may break, at the time do not panic and always consult a doctor if possible.

How to last longer
Lasting longer,

How to last longer in bed

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Having (good) sex with your partner is one of the most exciting moments in your life (well, should be anyway!), and to make it much better you need to be able to last longer. There are various ways to make your partner super excited when you are in that intimate moment.


One way to last longer is to try out different types of foreplay in between sessions. Things like kissing all over her body, even nipping or biting her nipples, fingering and so on you get the point. By doing this you stop the actual intercourse and therefore give your soldier a chance to cool off and get himself ready!

kissing her

Have a Tactical Wank

Another way to last a little longer is to have a “Tactical Wank”. A tactical wank is where you masturbate an hour or so before and by doing so allows you to last longer in bed. However, in my experience this has mixed results!

Have the right mindset

As well as this you should make sure to have the correct mindset in having a long lasting time in bed with your partner. All men should learn the technique of ejaculation control (delaying yourself cumming), which is not the easiest thing in the world but definitely possible. Knowing when your close to pop is vital, otherwise you bear this risk of cumming too quickly and being “rewarded” with embarrassment! As well as mentally, you should also be well prepared physically in controlling ejaculation and can be achieved by following some breathing exercises. If you breath steady and keep control of your breathing while your pumping her, it actually helps! Try it out you’ll see what I mean!

thinking about sex

Always see it as a fun activity

Furthermore, both of you should also view sex as a fun activity. If you don’t enjoy it you will want to get it over quickly or she will. This will of course mean you cum in minutes which isn’t what you want, is it? Sexual positions also play a vital role to long lasting sex. While changing positions, as mentioned above, you can give your wiener a well-earned rest, allowing him to get him ready for the next position.


In conclusion, apart from all the things listed above, it fully depends on you and your partner’s mindset. Both of you should work together with each other to make sure to get the most out of the session. As you fuck more and more, both of you will learn what you both like and also both of your stamina will increase. You should look at sex as an activity which improves your health and can lead you both to a successful sexual relationship. Lastly, you should always try stuff out and don’t be afraid to learn new tricks. If possible switch it up a bit, keep it different and exciting, because regular is routine – and routine is boring.


How to Persuade your partner to have a Threesome!

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Have you ever sat there and wondered, what it would be like to have a threesome? The problem is, most people are scared to even approach there partner with the subject. A lot of them will think things like, What if they hate the idea? What if they leave me? etc and unfortunately this is a reality for many people.

When should you mention it?

The best time to mention the possibility of a threesome, is before things get serious between you and your partner. One way of introducing the idea could be by saying something like “One day I’d love to do something wild with you like have a threesome” etc.

Just imagine having sex with not just one but two sexy women – at the same time! Imagine how amazing would that would be? Just be sure to give both equal attention – if not more to your partner! Or it won’t end in a happy ending that’s for sure (pun intended!).

What to do if your in a relationship

Most people avoid relationships altogether simply so that they can avoid commitment and therefore be able to sleep with as many women as they want, whenever they want. The problem of course with this is that when do you settle down?

With that being said, there are services and events that exist for people in relationships to have all kinds of fun. Swinging parties are great for couples as they both get to sleep with another couple or different people. It can also work as part of your social life which is another benefit you could use when trying to sell it to your partner! The only issue with this is, the male may realise “oh shit I didn’t want to do this” while his wife or girlfriend is getting the living day lights fucked out of her!

Who do I ask to be the third person?

Everyone knows someone that would be down for it. There will be a friend that you know likes you or looks at you in that certain way – you know how I mean! This also depends on whether or not you want an extra women or extra man? Some readers may be questioning me like “What?” but some men actually like watching their wife or girlfriend get plastered. Lots of couples actually hire male escorts especially for this kind of scenario. Furthermore your lady friends will definitely have a slutty friend that is gagging for it, you just have to look around and do your research.

What you need to do if you decide to mention it

Apart from obviously explaining why you want one in the first place, it is very important that you remind your partner they are not lacking in the bedroom department. They of course will immediately think they are not enough or they are not good at what they do in the bedroom. The point is that you suggested it with positive intentions (well, mostly anyway!), so remind your partner that the last thing you’d ever want to do is to ruin the relationship.

Another important point to add that will help influence the decision is how it could improve your sex lives together. Taking part in a threesome involves a lot of trust and in some cases can take your relationship to the next level.

One last good point is to tell her you had a dream about it and see what she says. It could go very well or very bad! The fact you had a dream about it gives you an excuse to bring it up and therefore discuss it. You could then say to your partner “If someone asked to have a threesome, what would you say?” and hope for the best!

And for those of you who aren’t in a relationship, what are you waiting for?!